The Real Africa and The Real America?

Posted by Macaiah / on 10/30/2008 / 0 Comments

It is amazing how we turn on our televisions or utilize other sources of media day to day to be informed about the world around us only to find out sometimes things are not as perceived.  I am willing to bet many of us are guilty of having developed ideas about various cities in America and especially in other countries.  In fact, I am sure many can agree that one of the most misrepresented continents to all is Africa. 

Like many others, I had my own developed ideas and opinions of Africa based on what I saw in the media.  Nevertheless, once I had the opportunity to travel to Africa and tour the countries and meet the natives, I gained the best education that I ever received.  I was immediately enlighten and desired more information and more time spent to learn and explore the all to be discovered.  I will never forget how I felt when it was time to leave.  One of my last visit was the country of Dakar, Senegal.  The visit to Goree Island and the "doorway of no return" left a lasting memory.  Here I discovered more history about American Slavery in one week than I did in my life time.  Now I understand more of what Carter G Woodson was sharing in the book of the "Miseducation of the Negro.  Yet, this is just one aspect of the many things that many African Americans have been misinformed about in America. 

Ultimately, upon this adventure I traveled away thinking about the realities that many of us as a people of African descent are not connected.  In Africa, the natives are given a perception of Americans as well only to be informed and sometimes disappointed about America upon their arrival.  Is there fair opportunity for those of African descent in America?  Are all "black people" the same? "Are you black because of your skin tone and how do you determine? This leads to need for us all to get connected to help each other and to network to maintain an awareness to overcome the hype.  So I ask all readers to do a self evaluation about what they know or don't know about both worlds.  Is Africa what you have been told or seen by the media? Is America truly the country of opportunity? Above all, how can we overcome the hype and help each other as a people versus being ridculed because we don't? All are valid questions and things that I think that we all need to think about.  However, we need to do more than think, we need to address the matters, educate our people, and join to promote change.  The question that we all must ask is how bad do we want change and what are we going to do about it individually? 


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