Welcome to FVRD2Win Global Initiatives.

We are calling on all people of African decent Worldwide!

Our Mission is to encourage people to come together and make things happen. This platform combine the most useful features of traditional websites, blogs, collaboration software and social networks to empower and inform us all.

FVRD2WIN has been derived from the motivational concept that we all have the talent and abilities to tap into our inner beliefs to inspire ourselves and others to be victorious.  As a motivational speaker, I am privileged to ellaborate more on the FVRD2WIN concept in all the given opportunities.  Ultimately, based on our natural and spiritual beliefs we are able to overcome and succeed at anything that we want to achieve.  However, one must capitalize on their skills, abilities, talents, and gifts to be victorious through application based on having exercised belief and knowledge. 

We are striving to create an understanding between Africans and African-Americans. In addition, we want to strengthen cultural awarness between African and African-Americans through networking, special events, within our communities and throughout the World. We want to keep our rich heritage and continue to pass our history throughout our generations. 

This site is a public meeting place that provides members of FVRD2Win Global Initiative with a shared calendar, discussion forum, member profile, photo gallery, file storage, and more. We encourage you to upload your photo, complete your profile, and participate!  Share your stories and your missions as we stand united as one. We look forward to collaborating with any organization that share like goals and vision.  As we advertise Fvrd2Win, you and your business will get exposure.  Welcome, and as we unite you are Favored to Win.




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